Staatsanwaltschaft Bonn ermittelt gegen engen Vertrauten der Verteidigungsministerin


Die Bonner Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen den Verteidigungs-Staatssekretär Gerd Hoofe. Hoofe, ein enger Vertrauter der Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen (CDU), wird Strafvereitelung im Amt vorgeworfen. Ein ranghoher Offizier hatte am 20. Juli 2017 Strafanzeige gegen Hoofe und von der Leyen wegen Behinderung disziplinarrechtlicher Ermittlungen gestellt. Continue reading “Staatsanwaltschaft Bonn ermittelt gegen engen Vertrauten der Verteidigungsministerin”


V-Mann der Polizei soll Islamisten zu Anschlägen angestachelt haben


Wurde der Berliner Weihnachtsmarkt-Attentäter von einem V-Mann in seinen Anschlagsplänen bestärkt? Medienberichte, die sich auf Angaben von Strafverteidigern stützen, deuten darauf hin. Continue reading “V-Mann der Polizei soll Islamisten zu Anschlägen angestachelt haben”

The best places to visit in Germany

Many of us have traveled Germany and we all know about Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. We’ve heard about the delicious sausages, the beer, the Berlin Wall and of course not to forget the Octoberfest, most probably the biggest “Volksfest” on Earth. In a recent BBC survey Germany was voted as the most popular country in the world.


We asked a couple of Australians who have traveled to Europe recently, Germany in particular to share their favourite places with us, and we discovered a few places you should definitely consider adding to your bucket list. Ladies and gentlemen, Australia’s Top 10 of Germany’s hidden treasures you should visit this summer.

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no.10 – Cologne Cathedral


Cologne Cathedral

It is truly not a hidden treasure but in fact people often forget about Germany’s most visited landmark. The tallest building in the world from 1880 – 1884, the cathedral is a scenic point visible in the whole region. Located next to the river Rhine the church is truly one of the most magnificent buildings on Earth and a masterpiece of exceptional value.


During the Second World War the cathedral suffered 70 hits by aerial bombs but did not collapse unlike the rest of the inner city of Cologne.


no.9 – The Dresden Frauenkirche


Dresden Frauenkirche

The city of Dresden, especially its famous panorama, deserves way more credit than it actually gets. It is not only one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Germany but it also has a very remarkable sight, the Frauenkirche. Completely destroyed during the Second World War, the ruins remained as a memorial to the past atrocities committed during the airstrikes on German cities. In the late 80’s the people of Dresden raised their voices to rebuild the church, successfully. The foundation stone was laid in 1994 and after ten years of hard work the church reopened to the public again.

no.8 – The medieval centre of Regensburg



A charming, not too big, not too little town called Regensburg is located in the Bavarian forest. You can find 35 cultural UNESCO World heritage sites in Germany, and the medieval centre of Ratisborn is one of them. The most magnificent sight next to the cathedral is the so-called “Stone Bridge” built in the 12th century. It was a milestone in the architectural history of bridges, serving as a role model to many other well-known bridges such as the Karlbridge in Prague or the London Bridge. It served as the only bridge across the Danube for more than 800 years.


no.7 – Christmas season in the Ore Mountains


Annaberg-Buchholz/Ore Mountains

Have you ever been in search of a Christmas wonderland? Well, I have found it for you! Annaberg and its surroundings are well known for its beautiful Christmas markets and special flair. There is no better place to be during this time of festivity and love. Literally the whole town is full of lights! Annaberg also hosts the world’s biggest “Miner’s Parade” by the end of Christmas. Let’s all sing it, “All I want for Christmas… is to be there!”


– The Miner’s Parade is held on the 23rd of December 2013

– The Christmas market is usually open from the 1st Advent until the 23rd of December.

no.6 – The city of Erfurt



Some people say Erfurt is located in the heart of Germany. Now, that may be arguable but the one thing that isn’t up for discussion is the fact that Erfurt is full of highlights. The most notable site is probably its cathedral as in many German cities. But did you also know that the oldest synagogue still standing in Europe can be found here? A further attraction is the Krämerbrücke, a bridge that is covered with inhabited buildings. It is the only bridge of that kind that can be found in Central Europe.

no.5 – The Holsten Gate


Holsten Gate

The former city gate in Lübeck, located in the very north of Germany is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1987, as well as the rest of the inner city. People from northern Germany are usually considered as more calm and down to earth. That also applies to Lübeck. Even thought the city is only a couple of miles off the coast, its entire old town lies on an island enclosed by a river called Trave. Lübeck is also the hometown of some notable people such as Thomas Mann, a German novelist, and former chancellor Willy Brandt.

no.4 – The Island of Rügen


The Island of Rügen

Whether you believe it or not, but yes, Germany has great beaches and they can all be found on Rügen. “An oasis in the Baltic sea”, that’s what many people say about it. The island is known for its unique chalk cliffs that can only be found in that area. The most famous one is the so-called “King’s Chair” which rises 118 meters above sea level.

no.3 – The Ulm Minster


Ulm Minster

As many amongst us may not know, the Ulm Minster is the tallest church in the world. This landmark is located in a little town in the Baden-Würtemberg called Ulm, 161.5 meters from the top to bottom. It was even the tallest building in the world for 11 years and also the last one to be the tallest on European soil to date.

no.2 – Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Are you looking for a real hidden treasure? Rothenburg is one of the most amazing places in Germany. It is probably the most well preserved medieval town in the world! Every single building has a story to tell and by visiting the town your imagination is able to travel back in time to the days where knights and kings still ruled the country. The town is located in the south of Germany and only counts 10,000 inhabitants. We are talking about treasures and this is truly one waiting to be discovered.

no1. – Heidelberg Castle


Heidelberg Castle

The number one hidden treasure as voted by Australians is the stunning castle of Heidelberg and its awesome surrounding Old Town. Why Heidelberg? Because it is simply breathtaking and not as popular as it should be down under. This place deserves more credit due to its beauty.


It is unquestionably a masterpiece of the Renaissance. The castle overlooks the Old Town and the river Neckar is a fundamental part of its panorama. It is now your turn and you should go and discover this stunning place yourself!

Trump Voters Throw MAGA Hats into Twitter Bonfire


Donald Trump’s supporters have begun burning his signature MAGA hats in protest against his big-amnesty-for-no-wall deal with Democrats.

Trump has sold millions of hats so there are many more to burn if Trump goes ahead with the vaguely described plan to support the Democrats big “dream” amnesties in exchange for token improvements to border security — despite his campaign-winning, pro-American, immigration-reform-and-border-wall platform.

More importantly, the hat-burning may presage a huge demoralization among Trump’s loyal followers, and cause his support to drop down to the basement levels achieved by President Goerge W. Bush when he pushed for an amnesty in 2006 and 2007.  Bush’s ratings fell to almost 30 percent — despite the booming economy — once he alienated Republicans in 2006 by pushing for cheap-labor amnesty bills.